who I am

I'm a software developer with over 15 years of experience and a passion for program­ming, 3D graphics, computer vision, Web technology, and other digital arcana.

I work with a wide variety of technologies, including C++17, OpenGL, Linux, C#/.NET, PHP, Python, and the Raspberry Pi.

I love collab­orating to overcome complex chal­lenges and learn­ing new things to accomp­lish what has never been done before.

what I do

3D Scanning Software & 3D Printing Dev

I'm currently a full-time dev­eloper at a company that produces medical scanning and manu­factur­ing systems.

I write software using C++17 and OpenGL for capturing raw point cloud data, processing it into manip­ulable geometry in our CAD software, and pro­ducing the output on our special­ized multi-axis CNC hardware.

I'm also leading the devel­opment of indust­rial-quality 3D printer elec­tronics and software for the rapid pro­duction of orthotics and prosthetics.

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    Some of my accomplishments:

  • Implemented new math classes, data structures, and algorithms to handle vast amounts of 3D data and enable new features
  • Added computer vision algorithms to conveniently automate the processing of scanned objects
  • Re-wrote the OpenGL rendering code to improve performance and allow the software to run on a greater range of hardware
  • Did key engineering work on an industrial 3D printer running on Raspberry Pi and involving complex electronics and sensors
  • Fixed a whole lot of bugs and added unit tests to catch regressions
  • Designed new user interfaces for complex and specialized workflows
  • Researched industry-specific background so our tools worked according to users' expectations

BoopShare App

User-friendly software for easy file and folder sharing over the Web without any uploading, syncing, or regis­tration require­ment. Achieved using C++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, and Linux. BoopShare.com, Dev notes

Real-Time 3D Procedural Generation

This project uses a mathematical seed to generate a variety of complex shapes or infinite natural-looking terrain. ... More Carefully designed algorithms and GLSL vertex and fragment shaders render large amounts of geometry very efficiently and in real time. I intend to develop this project further for the pur­poses of procedural content generation.

Tin Can Phone VOIP

A simple C++ program I wrote to demonstrate peer-to-peer VOIP, for Linux and Windows. Code at GitHub

Winmar Vancouver Web Development

For this client, I custom-built a website in HTML5 and PHP according to the many features they desired. ... More My software also auto­matically prepared monthly newsletters and marketing materials in web, e-mail and print format. To achieve this I dev­eloped an internal PHP web app which included modular support for serving other purposes within the company should the need arise.

Planetary Editor, Game & Scripting Engine

Planetary is an ambitious experimental project which includes a 2D game content editor and correspond­ing game and scripting engine. Content creation tools are an area of great interest to me, so I put a lot of work into the Planetary Editor. Features include... More dynamic light­ing, physics, ragdolls, AI pathfinding, a GUI library, and a custom scripting language that integrates with the Editor, making it very user-friendly. It is written in C++ and runs on Windows and Linux.

On Side Restoration Software Project

This was a PHP app that talked to a legacy Web-based system over raw HTTP and saved everyone a great deal of time. For example, the need to manually copy-paste content and edit document files by hand was replaced by a simple process that generated a professional-looking PDF file and automatically uploaded any changes.

Online Animated Advertisement

I was contracted to create a promotional anim­ation for TC-Helicon to showcase their voice process­ing audio hardware.

Community Website Backend

I did work for Oak Bay Squadron creating a custom implement­ation of a member data­base, message boards, and image galleries in an existing site design using PHP and MySQL.

Computer Animation College Projects

I studied Digital Animation and Effects in college. The videos below are the 2D short "Evolution", my 3D final project "Life's Too Short", and a "Flying Logo". I graduated with honors and received an award for Excellence in Design. ... More Software used: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Flash.

Lyrics Website & Browser Search Bar

A contract job including C++ development of a browser search bar addon, site graphic design, logo design... More, a complete forum re-skin, and adver­tising graphics.

how to get in touch

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